brand new corvette with ceramic coating!!

brand new corvette with ceramic coating!!



1. Creates a strong bond between the coating and the paint that allowes the paint to be more protected and more resistant to bugs, tar, brake dust, salt and other road chemicals.

2. Creates an incredible shine that lasts and rejuvenates itself everytime you wash the vehicle

3. Lasts far longer than any paint sealant or wax

4. Car stays cleaner longer! Ceramic coatings work at the molecular level to keep the surface of the coating smooth so dirt has a harder time sticking.

5. No waxs or coatings needed after application for the duration of the ceramic lifetime provided you take care of the paint and use our specially formulated “ceramic wash system”

pricing varies depending on how much paint correction is needed before applying jade ceramic coatings. for this reason we ask that all customers interested in Jade Ceramic Coating please call and talk directly with

Patrick Aspinwall (paint correction and Ceramic coating specialist )



Jade Ceramic coatings are catalyzed by moisture in the atmosphere.  The moisture begins a polymerization reaction to form and extremly stable chain made up of Silicon(Si) and Oyxgen (O). This is very stable and doesnt participate in chemical reactions with salt, acids or alkalis.  The end result is a very smooth, hard film that protects the surface beneath from all manner of chemical attack and physical abrasion.  Jade ceramic coating is a 9H ceramic coating making it one of the most durable Ceramic coatings on the market.

At RC Detailing and Custom Accessories we offer 3 different levels of Ceramic coating protection!

4 year warranty: JADE ceramic coating.

6 year warranty: SYSTEM X ceramic pro


after care maintenance wash

Ceramic coating will protect and set your car apart from the rest, but our vehicles are exposed to the harsh reality of changing Wisconsin weather everyday all year round.  Make sure you schedule your vehicle to get our DETOX WASH AND SEAL periodically after you have your ceramic coating applied to keep your cars ceramic coating strong and the shine immaculate.  We use a detox wash specifically designed for vehicles with ceramic coating to clean the vehicle, and a Silica spray to strengthen the existing coat and its shine. We will investigate the paint, and use our caliber primer polish to fix any damage caused by environmental issues - such as rock hits - and bring your coating back to full strength and prolong its life. Call for pricing