Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are clear, nano crystalline films that protect the surface beneath from environmental contaminants and chemical attack much beyond what a conventional wax or paint sealant could offer. Ceramic coatings are the next generation of paint protection offerings.



Jade Ceramic coatings are catalyzed by moisture in the atmosphere.  The moisture begins a polymerization reaction to form and extremly stable chain made up of Silicon(Si) and Oyxgen (O). This is very stable and doesnt participate in chemical reactions with salt, acids or alkalis.  The end result is a very smooth, hard film that protects the surface beneath from all manner of chemical attack and physical abrasion.  Jade ceramic coating is a 9H ceramic coating making it one of the most durable Ceramic coatings on the market.

At RC Detailing and Custom Accessories  we offer 3 different levels of Jade Ceramic coating! 

1 year protection spray on Jade ceramic coating.

2 year protection ( Jade Ice )

4 year protection ( jade quartz )

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